About Us

The Wildlife Stewardship Council (WSC) is a not for profit society of First Nations and Guide Outfitters from Wildlife Management Regions across BC.   The WSC was created in 2011 through the vision of a dedicated group of First Nations and Guide Outfitters.  They identified an opportunity and a need for collaboration and sought to engaged in a concerted effort toward sustainable wildlife management along the coastal regions of British Columbia.  They also realized that both groups shared many of the same values and goals in wildlife stewardship and there was an opportunity to educate each other promoting mutual respect and ultimatley strong animal stewardship.  The group, originally named the 'Coastal BC Guide Outfitters Association' updated their name in 2014 to better represent the membership and the direction of the group.  It was also realized that the issues being tackled were not confided to coastal issues, and that there was a great deal of interest in the organizations approach from outfitters and First Nation groups around the province. The coastal borders were dropped and the name was changed to the Wildlife Stewardship Council to reflect a new vision.  Currently, the WSC advocates for the engagement of all stakeholders in Wildlife Management to be part of a ‘roundtable’ approach to Wildlife Management in British Columbia to ensure the well being of wildlife above all else. We strive to be a voice and advocate for wildlife and the ecosystems that sustain all life.

Guiding Principles

  • WSC members acknowledge that sustainable wildlife management is essential to protecting biodiversity in BC.
  • WSC members abide by the 7-Generations principle.
  • WSC members accept that those who go on the land to hunt and harvest wildlife inherit a responsibility that comes with this activity; and that there is a moral, ethical and traditional responsibility to harvest only what is required.
  • WSC members acknowledge that responsible and sustainable wildlife management must supersede opportunity to harvest wildlife where wildlife populations have declined.

What We Do ...among other things we...

  • facilitate cooperation and respect between First Nations, stakeholders and government on wildlife and ecosystem management issues, working with all parties to develop a collaborative approach to sustainable wildlife management in BC;
  • contribute to the implementation of improved wildlife management practices in BC;
  • advocate for responsible ecosystem and habitat management as a critical component to healthy wildlife populations;
  •  work to maintain and enhance nature’s yield as a valuable resource for all;
  •  advocate for sustainable harvest practices as a valuable tool in wildlife management;
  • undertake joint wildlife and habitat initiatives amongst WSC members and other partners;
  • serve as a “clearing house” for information sharing between First Nations and stakeholder groups in order to build understandings between all parties;
  • provide advice on issues relevant to sustainable wildlife management to government and other effected parties;
  • work to identify and fill knowledge gaps on critical wildlife management issues.


Our Mission

 To be a voice and advocate for wildlife and the ecosystems that sustain all life